Urbano's Circus and the Monster of Garbage



 This is a show that takes place in the setting of a poetry reading where Mr. Grunn portrays a variety of winsome characters. They are brought together by Father Joiner- group leader and poet laureate of magnetic refrigerator poetry.   The group’s unlikely personalities include outspoken deli owner, Leo Capelli, who has recently discovered the exciting world of similes-to a love-paralyzed accountant, Frank Adamouski, who is fearfully trying to profess his feelings to his secretary.                                                       

Urbano and Vincenzo have a exclusive contract with wealthy Principessa di Lambourghini that allows them to keep and perform their circus on her property. All they have to do is watch her garbage, which she takes away every year.  This year she has not come to remove it and many problems occur with the 'monster of garbage' that surrounds their circus tent.  Based on the original show, "Urbano's CIrcus."

Meet Dr. Kurtis C. Braman (Richard Grunn) medical doctor, inventor, and world renowned phrenologist will take you through a journey of machines, modalities, and mad laughter. Learn about his Positive Vibrational Output Theory, or PVO; the secret to health, happiness, and prosperity is something we can control through our positive thoughts and feelings.  

Father Joiner’s Purgative Poetry Project

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   Urbano’s Circus

 Inspired by Alexander Calder’s “Circus”, “Il Circo di Urbano”(Urbano’s Circus) is where art meets theatre.  You will be amazed and entertained by these trash-constructed puppets as they perform their death defying and suspenseful acts.  The show features Ivan the Iron-Clad Stomach, Clyde the Fearless Clown, and Boris the Elastic Acrobat. The Town Crier said, “The audience was soon cheering as these cleverly constructed puppets performed!”